Friday, 19 September 2014

Breaking up with this blog and beginning a new one...

I suppose everybody knew this was coming, didn't you? The months of silence said so much, and I could of left it at that. Except there was a time when I loved this little place. A place where I could write stuff down, show the pictures I love and keep everyone up to date with what was going on my life. This post is to honour the amount of time I spent showing all the things I thought were cool in my travels.

After a five month drought, I went to kick start this blog. It couldn't have been more perfect; I was going travelling for four months around Asia where I'd find adventure and easy wifi access -awesome!!!!

And adventure is what I found along with all the other trimmings travel brings, most notable being new cultures, stunning landscapes, wildlife and er... tummy aches. The trip through Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and quick stops in Singapore and Australia was awesome.   It was all there, my photos came out well, I had ancedotes to tell and places to recommend. I'd be writing a proper travel blog. There was only one problem.

I didn't want to write it. Perhaps it was having mixed love/hate feelings about certain places. Sometimes I would leave a place, thinking it was the shit and then the next day I'd think 'meh.' Sometimes vice versa.

Or maybe it was a wish to just experience a place and quick updates on Facebook were enough to share with friends and family what was going on. But I came to a conclusion that dusty soles didn't fit with who I am any more.

Being the nerd I am, I love reading blogs. To me, they are my fix of inspiration where magazines once held sway. But more and more I found myself turned off from conventional travel blogs. They were well written, looked so pretty and yet I became tired of the 'go here,' and 'travel like this' slogans bombarding me. There seemed to be so many serious bloggers being hosted to go to places that was out of sync with the rest of their journey and it just put me off. Don't get me wrong, I think its great that people make money from blogging (you're living the dream!) but a lot of the time it doesn't inspire me to go with that particular company or do a certain activity . I have no delusions that this blog was a little hobbie (with even smaller followers) but I found i didn't want to progress in its current direction of just looking at travel and living in a foreign country.

Not because I don't plan to travel, far from it. I still will be reading my favourite travel/expat blogs that will make me keep saying 'I need to go to the carribean' and 'why don't we go and life in a yurt for a year - looks fun.' Just this week conversation between me and Zim turned to 'we really need to go to Russia' so who knows, next week we could be heading there!
 I'm currently sitting in New Zealand's South Island; I'm still very far from home and have no clue where I'm going to settle. I still live out of a suitcase and backpack.

But I don't feel as focused on my travels.

I wanted to follow a new trail of thought, a project where I'd be learning, have passion and most of all, be myself.

Say hello to my new project; an ethical wardrobe (Or more exact, suitcase. If you want to know why I've gone down this road, well you'll just have to visit the blog here. This new blog is my journal of how the hell I'm going to try and source all my clothing from fair trade/eco-friendly sources, on my limited budget. I'll also be reminding myself why ethical clothing is important, showing photos from around the world I love.  Its already led to me trying to teach myself to knit and I've set up my blog wildstitch, to help me feel more accountable.  Right now its very basic and to be honest, I am having problems getting used to word press, but I need a fresh start.

Although dusty soles began life as just a space to show my life in Australia, working on a cattle station, road tripping with my mates, it led to living on a tallship in Sydney and then to seven months at sea. Somehow it ended with me living in New Zealand, so I've got no clue where Wild Stitch will go...

I think that's about all I need to say, except thank you to all the people, whether you're a close friend or another nerd from the blog world, who has visited my posts and left comments. Whenever I got one I'd get that warm and fuzzy feeling of knowing I'm not alone and real people were reading my words. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! I hope this new blog will allow me to interact with such lovely people.

And incidently, if you have an interest in my project, just follow me on twitter or my new blog through Bloglovin or feedly.

So farewell Dusty soles, which in the end turned out to be a silly name. Over the last few years my feet have been surrounded by water, freezing in snow and covered in mud, but hardly ever dusty.

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