Thursday, 16 June 2011

Stalking Wallabies

It has come to my attention that I really haven't been making the most of my surroundings. And so, I've begun  taking a walk everyday through the paddocks.  On one of these walks I came across a wallaby. Luckily this little guy was too busy eating to see me and i was able to sneak up pretty close before he realised I wasn't a tree/shrub/termite hill and skipped off. I had no camera to hand but it was great to see one of these wild little guys from the front.  There are quite a few around here, along with Kangaroos and do you think I can ever get a clear pic of the buggers?! Only two minutes later I spotted a wallaby pretending to be a tree/shrub/termite hill as he'd spotted me first.   These are the things that interest me now, whether I meet a wallaby...OK...think its time I go to town.

Here a few snaps taken on my bush walks after work;

By the time I noticed this heavy loaded bull, it was too late to walk out of his path.  Just keep walking past and don't look him in the eye.

Crows in the bush.

the road a head.

More crows.

I keep taking pictures of the trees here. I'm not sure why.

weeds at `sunset.

Everything is starting to look a lot dryer.

Tree down.

Nosey Heifers

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