Monday, 5 March 2012

Return to the ship

After the coffee, the artwork, the tv, living in a house and catching up with friends, I returned to Sydney, work and the ship. Most importantly, back to my cabin. As mentioned in the post living aboard, my cabin is not lined with gold, but it's got a double (so comfy I melt into it at night) and has enough room to move around in.

 If anyone is interested, this is where I sleep. First night back and I slept like a baby.

In a week there had been some changes. these included;
  • An incredibly posh hotel, the Park Hyatt, finally opening  next to us.
  • The sun shining for once (FYI - one of the biggest myths is that Sydney is constantly sunny, well not this year people. It likes to rain - a lot!)
  • Lots of new recruits living on the Southern Swan. A large bulk of this season's staff (including myself) will not be available to work on the Southern Swan from March. This season's staff have already began to leave, either moving on to new pastures in Australia, returning to Europe, or some other exotic location.  Those still living and working on the swan, like myself, will be moving onto the Soren Larson to begin the next adventure. Therefore,  times been spent training others up for the role. 

And the things that don't change:
  • Cruise ships at the international terminal.
  • The didgeridoo buskers competing on circular quay 
  • The coming and going on the harbour
  • The Swan, looking as beautiful as ever
Sydney - its good to be back!

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