Sunday, 9 September 2012

The Coral Gardens

I had the opportunity to visit this place twice within our time in Tonga.  If I thought the snorkeling was amazing in the cook islands, the Coral Gardens knocked it down to size.  Named so due to it coral resembling a well maintain garden, not only was this place teaming with fish, but also had an abundance of coral I'd never seen before. I spent along time following fish, diving down, taking pictures on a friends camera (why didn't I get one of these?) and all the while singing songs from 'the little mermaid.'

However, it was at this beautiful spot I also saw a sobering sight: local spear fishers with hi-tech gear killing little fish.  not even big enough to be worth eating, I couldn't understand it.

 Snorkeling from the beach its a little tricky getting out in and out (reef, rocks and crazy waves do not mix) but thankfully I didn't lose a leg.  If I had it would have been worth it.

* Thanks to Mr Biddlecombe, for the use of his underwater camera and for the first picture taken.

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Jill said...

Maybe visiting a place like this would get me over my fear of snorkling! ;)

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