Friday, 9 August 2013

An intermediate slope

Last week I spent one of my days off up at the Remarkables Ski Field in an attempt to practice my snowboarding and improve on linking turns.   When watching the crazy kids in the 'park,' an area put aside for kamikaze style jumps, backflips and tricks, I couldn't help but feel I needed to keep pushing myself.  I found myself sticking to what was safe and secure.

And then, enter a proposition.  An experienced snowboarder friend suggested going up one of the chair lifts, taking a ten minute hike and going to a beautiful look out point. My only concern was the blue 'intermediate' trail we would have to take on the way down.  I would be leaving a beginner friendly slope for the first time.

No question, the view was amazing, even with the cloud coverage, it still took my breathe away.

After enjoying the stunning view, it was time to ride down.  I prayed I wouldn't break anything.  Taking it nice and slow worked for the majority of the trail. However, unfortunately on one part you had to be going pretty fast down one hill to be able to get up the next.  I just wasn't going fast enough and had to un-clip and walk a little bit up the hill.  Other than that and a couple of tumbles, I made it. I had survived my first intermediate slope. I still have a long way to go before I can stop calling myself a beginner, but it feels good to be trying.

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