Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Where I've been whilst my blog slept

Ah old friend, its really been too long.  And all this time I've missed you, really I have.  This blog is just a drop in an ocean of electronic information, a feeble little thing chronically this human's life.  But I've missed our catch-ups, at having a space just for me.

For five months I haven't been around. For the most part this is due to my move to New Zealand's wilderness, where Internet is not an option. And its been fantastic, completely switching off and doing all those things I've been putting off like reading books again and running (yep I run now, believe me no one is as shocked as myself).

If I'd really tried I know I could have kept updates going. I could of scheduled posts while I was away for six weeks and then spent my leave weeks scrambling about putting it all together.  But I didn't want to. What I wanted was to engross myself in my surroundings and if I'm honest, get my passion back. Well I found it.

This is Fiordland -  my beautiful home for the past few months.

In my lifetime, I've experienced some amazing sights, but nothing could prepare me for the natural splendour that is Fiordland national park.  

With two more months left of my seasonal work, this blog will remain on the quiet side for a little longer, but I will return.  Bush life has got me feeling a lot more creative and there are some exciting times a head.

See you in a little while,

Helen x


The Tulsan Poet said...

Your life, wisdom, and pictures have been missed greatly. Mainly your pictures. No offense :)

The Greel

The Tulsan Poet said...

The Greek

Jamie Pilgrim said...

What an amazing place to live! Really no better excuse to stay off your computer and explore!

Have fun! I'm sure those two months will fly by in a place like that :)

Memoirs of a Pilgrim

Dusty Soles said...

Arrh! Thanks guys :)

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