Monday, 14 November 2011

Fraser Island

 Warning: PICTURE OVERLOAD.  Fraser Island was another place where I took too many photos because its that f*@%ing beautiful. From Rainbow beach we did a self drive tour, which basically involves one lead car (with a tour guide) and then the rest of you following in your own 4 wheel drive. This is the only way to get around the Island.

Over three days we saw:

  • Dingos - Dogs have been prohibited from the island to keep the breed pure.
  •  Champagne pools - as the open sea is a no go area due to the shark population, this enclosed area was one of the few places to dunk yourself in the salt water.
  •  a big and rusty shipwreck
  •  sand dunes
  • a couple of lakes
  • endless beaches 
We did:

  • Fresh and salt water swimming
  • sat by the camp fire at night and listened to guitarist's jam
  • walking
  • drive on a hell of a lot of beach
Going to Fraser was one of  the best choices we made on our road trip.  If you go any where on the east coast, i'd recommend this palce!
We drove past this place way too many times in three days

its true, people don't pay attention to the signs....

Champagne pools

Dingo chilling on the beach

Lake next to the sandunes

Our Car

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