Thursday, 10 November 2011

If paradise had a name...

The Whitsundays - Land of  a thousand islands

Since getting to Oz, this place has been right up there on the hype list.  It seems everyone who had visited it raved about its beauty. and guess what? it definitely lived up to it.

From Airlie beach we took a two night cruise around the islands.  maybe we could of gone on a longer trip, exploring more islands, but seeing the likes of white bay made the trip worth every penny.

Wow...Just Wow.

     Our home in the Whitsundays and the tender (dingy) for reaching the shore line.

                         * picture courtesy of the tall-one

And then there was the snorkeling we made me say the phrase "I need an underwater camera!!!!" more than once.

Then after a very quiet time in Airlie beach (off-season = empty streets at night), we left for our next destination: 1770 and the hell raising scooter-roo.

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