Monday, 20 February 2012

Vegging in Melbourne

For one week I've been back in Melbourne, one of the best cities in the world!!!!! This was my home for five months and in many ways, it hasn't changed a bit. With the quirky bars hidden down lane ways, the too-cool-for-school cafes and laid back feel, it feels good to be back.  However, last time round I didn't notice so many people wearing black - and its summer.

But in between meeting up with friends, photographing street art and wandering about the city, I had one important activity; Vegging. I've been a potato house guest for 'the Aussie' and her boyfriend.

 I am one with the couch. My main companion has been a cat called Yogurt, who doesn't think much of this house guest. Especially since I've stolen her room (including the use of a sponge bob square pants duvet) and bought her the wrong type of cat food.

Vegging has included;

1.Sleep. Lots of it.
2. Drinking coffee and tea. Sometimes at the same time.
3. Eating Pizza, Pad Thai noodles, Sushi and Indian take aways.
4. Reading Patti Smith's 'Just Kids.'
5. Watching enough TV to last me six months. Episodes of Angel and the inbetweeners have been preferred.
6. Getting lost on wikipedia and you tube. And there's also the old habit of making collages on Polyvore. This is reminding me exactly why I need to travel and live places where Internet connection is limited, I have no self control.
7. Having baths. God, I've missed them.

Tomorrow I return to Sydney and the ship.  Once again Melbourne has given me exactly what I needed and I go back well rested and stronger.  After vegging out on a massive scale, work on Wednesday will definitely be a shock!!!!

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