Monday, 23 April 2012

Sailing the Tasman sea: From Oz to New Zealand

 Ten days without seeing land - eleven until we anchored.  After leaving the heads of Sydney, we were greeted by a massive swirl...and sea sickness took hold. For the first few days to say I was a little useless was not an over statement. Getting used to the roll of the ship down below and in the galley took some time. The exhaustion from working in a moving environment - holding onto pots and yourself and in fear that some thing will hit you on the head (some thing random like a cheese grater) meant all you want to do is sleep. And then on day two and day five the Tasman unleashed its storms. With the lightning, 40 knot winds and crashing waves, I feel lucky to be alive. But we are and with all that included I wouldn't take my time on this journey away. Because once I got into the routine of ship life, you can appreciate what's around you.

Predominantly, this is a lot of blue ocean.  Everyday the same view, except for small differences. This is usually the weather.  You are alone, maybe every third day you'll see a tanker on the horizon. However sometimes you'll have the odd visitor.....

 Dolphins, I'll never get bored of seeing them play around at the baow of the ship. And there were other wild life. Having  pilot whales near the ship was a great surprise (I had never heard of them before and thought they were some demon dolphins!) and spotting an albatross for the first time was a pivotal moment.

When the sky was clear and the water a little less 'rolly' than usual, being aboard the Soren Larsen in the Tasman seas was a gift.  Sure this was an endurance test rather than a pleasure cruise, but it made me realise I could do this.  And then, land ahoy! on the tenth day, I woke up to see New Zealand for the first time.

Finally, we had arrived...

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