Thursday, 26 April 2012

Shore leave in Paihia

Between refit and sailing the Tasman, there has been zero time off.  Thankfully, even with the short turnover before our  next voyage begins, all crew were allocated 24 hours away from the ship. My time started at 6pm Sunday night and ended 6pm Monday.  So what to do with a day off the ship?

First you book a room at a motel in Paihia, a quick skip and jump away from Opua. Aloha resort was everything and more we could have wanted for our stay. Near town, large clean room, TV, kitchen, shower, free Internet and a patio area. Oh and its also cheap as, god love off season prices.

Then you add a little alcohol.

You take a lot of long showers.  None of them are less than 30 seconds.

Perhaps order a takeaway - Indian is preferred.

oh and you'll find yourself glued to the music videos and realise you have no idea who any of the artists are.
You probably will sleep in. The double is too much to resist after life in a single bunk.  But when you do start to stir (and have had your morning coffee), its worth walking to the beach...

The morning is beautiful, the people far between.

After checking out late (already prearranged), you buy a few bits and pieces you 'need' before hitting the Pacific islands. i.e Snorkel gear, sunblock, antiseptic and sunglasses. You buy more coffee, just because you can.
Rain comes in and its time to share a pizza.  But you guys might stop there and leave the wine alone, maybe that's just me.

You also need a haircut, those split ends are terrible. Even though you are more scared of Hairdressers than dentists, you go through with it. It ok, you survived.  have another coffee to calm your nerves. 

And then it was time to head home to the ship, meet our new voyage crew and return to my bunk (good bye double bed, it was great while it lasted!). 
A town like Paihia was the perfect place for our shore leave. Set up for tourists, we could easily feel comfortable without having to ask  around and unnecessarily explore. 

But now, our next journey begins. To Rarotonga we go!!!

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