Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Last days of New Zealand

Before embarking on our leg to the cook islands, we spent four more days in the Bay of islands.  Anchoring each night in a different bay, the water was so calm you'd think we were on a lake.  Serene ad beautiful, yes, but at the back of my head a little voice said 'the longer is it till we leave,  the harder the seasickness.' I shook this voice off and continued admiring the view.
I enjoyed watching the natural world and the native wildlife. on a few occasions blue penguins popped up next to the ship and dolphins still hitched a ride on the bow.
One morning we were having breakfast when some one called out 'dolphins!!!!!'  When I left the deckhouse you could see them coming a mile off, a whole pod making their way across the still water to the ship . One after the other, they made their way past. Above is the best shot I could manage and still does not capture how graceful these creatures moved in the water.. 

In a final farewell to civilisation, I had a extra large Cappacino in Russell. For some reason Coffee isn't so much fun without the foam.
And then, on a friday afternoon, we passed by 'the hole in the rock' and sailed away from New Zealands shores. With the sunsetting I remember thinking 'this is a beautiful part of the world.' but at the moment I want somewhere a little warmer- and less drizzle.

Our next leg is a big one. Last year it took them 19 days to reach the Cook Islands from New Zealand, and depending on the weather, it could take longer.  After running into two storms on the Tasman, I mentally prepared myself for sleepless nights, runaway food and homicidal cooking equipment.


Jill said...

Wow, these are fantastic shots. You are truly getting a unique vantage.

Jamie Pilgrim said...

Damn girl, you get yourself into the most amazing adventures. I cannot express how jealous I am

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