Saturday, 26 May 2012

Time travel on the high seas

No - the Bermuda triangle didn't shift its position, and this ship isn't a time machine. But one of the symptoms of sailing across oceans is moving time zones and sometimes,  crossing the date line. So after having a Sunday 29th April, the next day we had another. Two Sundays and neither that different.  Still surrounded by blue, still sailing and still  afloat. The only difference is we were one day closer to our destination.  I've experienced time and date changes before, but its usually the follow up to a long plane journey where your brain is already out of sync. Crossing the date line on water made me realise how far we were travelling and how far we'd come.

A few days later and the clocks went forward. When some one mentions daylight savings and clocks going back I always want to know one thing; 'will I get more sleep?' Unfortunately changing time zone did not mean more sleep this time, but it did mean I finished my watch on deck an hour early.  What really hit me was how a time to change clocks was decided by the captain, at a time to best suit the ship on that day.  When it comes to time travel on a tall ship, the outside world comes second.

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