Sunday, 17 June 2012


Due  to a group of wakas (traditional polynesian canoes that had been adapted to travel the world) coming back into Rarotonga, we had to scarper from our wharf for a while.  On board the Soren Larsen, we headed to the Atitaki atoll, only and day and a half sail away.  When we dropped anchor off the coast, outside the island's surrounding lagoon, it was quite a sight to see the waves crash on to the reef.

Aitutaki was everything you would expect from a pacific island.  relatively flat, coconut trees, easygoing and drop dead gorgeous.  But the thing that really made the experience here was the snorkeling.  I wish I had an underwater camera to capture it. After walking to the Pacific Resort, a very fancy hotel that I hope I have the  money to stay in one day, we were told anywhere past was good for snorkeling.  The coral, the techni-colour fish and the sheer abundance of life was just amazing.  This place was snorkel heaven.

On our walk back to our pick up point, we enjoyed the change of scene, only stopping to get some ice cream and the stare at goats (something about simple things for simple minds comes to my head).
Back at the ship, when the swirl of the sea wasn't took bad we could have a quick dip in the ocean to cool off. As the sunset, we watched turtles bob up and down in the water.

After a day and a half it was time to leave Aititaki in order to miss some bad weather coming our way, back to Rarotonga....

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