Sunday, 15 July 2012

Carva ceremony

After a day or two cruising the vavau group in Tonga, The soren crew had a night a shore at a Tongan feast. As part of the night, we also took part in  a Carva ceremony.  Carva tastes and looks like dirty dish water which may not sound so fun.  However, as the root drink makes you feel happy, clever and relaxed, it's become pretty popular in this part of the world.  Sitting on the floor in a circle, it is custom to clap your hands three times to be served.  The sever is usually an unmarried woman (but in this instance we can call Hannah) and one bowl is passed among the group.

We also had a local musicians to serenade us.

With my three bowls, along with feeling happy and giddy, mostly i had numb lips. however, i think my camera may have been seeing things...

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