Friday, 13 July 2012

From Samoa to Tonga

The beginning of this voyage included the swing rope and cave pools, and therefore, it rocked even before we started the crossing to Tonga.  I also went aloft for the first time when out in choppy sea, which was one of the scariest experiences of my life. It isn't the height, its the feeling the ship is trying to shake you off.  I also  started a new routine while at sea., doing the 4-8 watch a long with my cooking. 

After a couple of days out at sea we reached 'new potato.' well that's how the captain pronounced it...and its sister island 'new tomato.' Have to say 'new tomatoe' was definitely my favourite shaped islands so far.

 The plan was to clear through the authorities, spend a couple of days here and then head on to the Vavau group of Tongan Islands. However, the couple who deal with visiting ship were away retrieving an adoptive baby and so after a rather rolly anchor, we headed a couple of days sail to vavau. On the way we had our first proper glimpse of Whales.

As the dawn began to rise, Vavua greeted us with calm dead seas and a hundred islands.  

And when we anchored in Neafu  and cleared customs we were free to explore the islands...

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