Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Preparing for Launch

This morning I took this picture.  With a fresh coat of snow, England is looking beautiful and a bit like Narnia - minus the lion.  Or perhaps I'm already looking through rose tinted glasses.  After a perfect weekend involving a fantastic friend and my super-duper family, it's easy to see its appeal.
And now that I've finished working the nine to five, my Monday morning certainly felt a lot brighter.

But go I must.  In a week and a half I'll be making my way to the Southern Hemisphere and I've a lot to organise.  To a normal person, this is no biggy. However, to a procrastinating dreamer like myself, filling out forms, sorting out appointments and carefully packing up my life is a little tricky.

No matter how much time I have to prepare, I cannot help but leave 95% of the details of travel until the final hour.  Oh what joys this preparation week will bring.

At all times, I must tell myself the following

"...I must not waste my week watching CSI. I must not waste my week watching CSI. I must not waste my week watching CSI..."

Honestly, most days I wonder how I'll make it out of the house.


Amy said...

I love this! I'm in a similar situation, having finished my full-time job on Friday. I have so much to do this week before we move out of our flat in London and I have loads of travel planning tasks to complete, but all I want to do is curl up on the sofa! Best of luck with your trip plannning and avoiding CSI!

Dusty Soles said...

Thank you Amy, although I've already failed at avoiding CSI! Oh well perhaps tomorrow my courage won't fail...

Alli Campbell said...

This made me laugh - me to a tee! Hope you managed to only leave 90% to the last minute, for me that would be a win. Safe flight to NZ - looking forward to reading about your trip! :)

Aryn Hill said...

I'm a horrible procrastinator as well! I'll write out lists of things I need to do and then never do them lol. Btw, beautiful picture!

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