Friday, 1 February 2013

In January...

Dear January 2013,
                Its not you, it's me. Oh no wait it is you. You're depressing, tight with money and drag on and on and on. A terrible rebound choice for getting over Christmas.  I'm leaving you January. February isn't much prettier, but at least it'll be over quickly and in time for spring.

Spent Most Time; Getting frustrated with the National Health Service. Praying for for my NZ visa and working the 9-5.  A few visits around the south east of England (Canterbury, London town) but most 'travel' involved the drive to work.

Mostly Watching; Game of thrones season one.  Its lord of the rings meets Rome.


Biily Bragg's 'new England.'

Reading; Finished reading When we were Orphans by Kazuo Ishiguro.  His style of writing is beautiful, and yet something with the story development just didn't grab me. Now reading Storm Warning by Jack Higgins.  An adventure story involving a tall ship during the second world war, what's not to love?

Activities; Walking through the snow! So glad I got to see some snow before I leave.

Eating;  Corker Sausages. A locally produced sausage from Kent, I've yet to find better anywhere else on the globe.

Drinking: Really getting back into my Tea drinking. Milk, one sugar please.

Wearing: I got a 'Snood' for Christmas and I love it. Probably beacause I think the word 'Snood' is funny.

Resolution Update;  I thought it would be a good idea to add this into my monthly updates, so I can keep track of my progress. If you want an explanation, please click here.

The hair - finally got it cut. Took about an inch off (which is two in curly hair speak) and have been using sulfate/silicone free products. So far so good.

The head - As I've mostly been in a state of hibernation, spending has been o.k.  The major things I've bought are related to New Zealand (i.e plane ticket).

The heart - well this needs work. Have not sent any letters or large emails to people. However I've been  spending time with the family, so I'm going to put it as a win.

Until next time, so long January...

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