Friday, 25 January 2013

Guess where's next?!

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That's right, sunny Folkestone!!!!!!! What?... my ticket says New Zealand? oh...well...I suppose I'll make do, although I was looking forward to playing bowls in the rain...

In less than a month I'll be getting on a big old plane to the southern hemisphere and after two weeks in Sydney, me and my lovely other half will be moving to NZ.  With my 12 month work and holiday visa in hand, we will be on the search for work, shelter and adventure.

As you can imagine I'm really excited. Our week in the bay of islands last year left me wanting more.  I'm also very nervous. I mean I've done all this before and I know how tough it can be, I remember the constant search for work, the unhygienic dorm rooms and living off pasta.  I've also never travelled in a couple. Granted, we did sail the South Pacific together, but it wasn't just us. This time its me and him, ready for a make or break experience.

 Expect a lot of 'blah blah New Zealand blah blah' from now on.


Jill said...

Exciting news! Working-holiday visas seem to be addicting. I thought this would be a "make or break" experience for my boyfriend and me too... but it all just still feels the same! Maybe that means it was a "make"!?

Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

Ahh, that sounds so exciting! I can't wait to see your travels!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's fantastic!! Yup, make or break experience indeed, but totally worthwhile!

I'm so excited for you, and will be living vicariously through you for a little bit, as NZ is very near the top of our list, but we just can't make it there (even though we're based in Australia) for a little while yet.

Dusty Soles said...

Very excited and definitely addicted to work and travel (take away the 'work' bit).

Flashpacker Family said...

Look forward to seeing you in Christchurch if you make it down this way! I'm running NZ posts all February - including one on what expats should know about NZ. Keep an eye out!

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