Monday, 20 May 2013

Settling into our new home

Its been around two months since we moved into our Queenstown home and I couldn't be happier. Due to its central location, recent face lift and our friendly housemates, settling into a normal home has gone quite well.  This was the first property I looked at. I went alone as Zim was busy working and after viewing, was a little stressed that someone would confirm before he finished.  It didn't help that on the same day I went to the other side of town to view another property.  Leaving what I could only describe as a glorified squat, my stress levels were somewhat heightened.  I kept telling myself 'if its not meant to be its not meant to be.' But I wasn't listening. I'm stubborn like that.

As it turns out, no one confirmed before us, Zim got to view the house that night and we signed up for six months.  This is our first (non floating) home together and a stab at being a normal (whatever that means) couple.  It means unromantic conversations about bills, cooking and putting the bins out. A landmark not only in our relationship but also in Zim's life.  Its been years since he's lived off a ship and on dry land, but he seems to be coping.

Staying in this house definitely has its perks. A hot power shower, a T.V to watch trashy New Zealand programs on and a room of our own with a large double bed. As well as being fully furnished, bedding was also included - a plus for those not intending to settle.  Also unlike a hostel, you can cook anytime of day and not worry about your food being stolen (this is dependent on your housemates).  But its the view that really gets me.  I don't think there are many places in Queenstown that don't have great views. Unlike most of the world, a minimum wage job can afford you views like this...

I think the biggest issues we'll end up having is our heating bill in winter.  Double glazing doesn't seem to exist out here and as the daylight hours get shorter, this place is going to get rather chilly.

Obviously, we would of loved to have had our own place, but realistically, I don't think we could afford the rent and save.  Also if we ever had to leave town and break our lease (sick relative/work dries up/ heaven for bid we broke up) finding a replacement for a room would be a lot easier than a flat.

Sometimes its good to rough it, but as winter approaches, I'm glad I won't be for a few months at least!


Jill said...

I love that you took a photo of your shower head. Looks like a nice one!

I am also dreading the incoming of winter... our place does not have heat and one full wall of the house (including our room) is windows! Brr! Just bought an electric mattress pad for our bed... so cozy!

That's an incredible view. I would just spend my time staring out the window. :)

Dusty Soles said...

I actually wrote on a postcard yesterday 'I am spending a lot of time staring at mountains.'

It is a very good shower. I think from now on I'll be judging accommodation on the worth of its shower head!

I hope Newcastle isn't too chilly

Rika said...

Congrats on the new place!! What a lovely view.

Dusty Soles said...

Thanks rika!!!

Alli Campbell said...

Man that is an amazing view! Beginning to feel like I really need to hop across the pond to NZ. Hope the settling down goes well - agree it is very much an adjustment after being adrift for so long (excuse the pun!) :)

Dusty Soles said...

Yes you should definitely hop over when you're now so close. I can't wait to see more of the scenery. Apparantly is a great place for a Roadtrip!

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