Tuesday, 29 April 2014


Is there anything more liberating than having a solo adventure? Some times being alone in the bush, with nothing but a camera for company is the best therapy known to man...or at least for me.  After months of storing my SLR away, suddenly I got that feeling where all I wanted to do is go out into the world and capture images. It happened on a sunny, radiant day, which can be something of a rarity this side of the pass.  Having no rain clouds in sight meant I could be worry free as I roamed around with my Cannon.

I didn't go far and went to locations I'd already been to, but this day was very special.  I finally got to take a decent picture of a blue duck on my 'big camera,'  got to mess about with settings and use the camera stand I've been carrying around with me for ages.

This day was a good one.

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