Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Great Ocean Road: with my two favourite allies...

If there's one thing I like, its a good road trip.

And if there's one thing I love, its an awesome one.  For my 25th Birthday, I was blessed with two lovely ladies, a car, Jelly snakes, alcohol and the beautiful Great Ocean Road.

At the start of our trip we did had a few apprehensions. For the last few days we'd heard report of the great ocean road closing in parts due to flooding and when we woke up on Saturday morning in Melbourne, it was, with lack of another phrase, pissing it down.  However, all weather reports said nay to flooding and so, me and the 'Tall one'  were picked up by the 'Ozzy' out side our Hostel. Here our two day adventure begun.

Highlights included:

  • The car screeching to a halt when we saw our first Koala, taking a thousand photos and then driving down the road 100 feet and seeing at least a dozen more.
  • Trampoline yard at Lorne
  • An old light-house that may or may not of been in Round the twist. I'm counting it
  • The twelve apostles and refusing to my jumper on so it would look warm in the photos
  • The tall-one getting to drive bare foot
  • Fish and chips on the beach. Yeah we know how its done.
  • The smallest hostel I have ever stayed in at Apostle Bay
  • Beautiful beaches.
It was one of those trips that made me thankful I'm here in Australia. Thanks for the memories ladies...

This is by far, not the best picture of a Koala I took. However, this one's face looks pretty evil. I like the idea of them being  a little nasty under the cute fur.  Maybe if they weren't doped up on eucalyptus all the time they'd be a little different....

Drinking on the veranda, gate-crashed by  a cat, at Apostle's Bay

I was shocked to find out there are not in fact 12 apostles. But even with the false advertising, it still scrubs up well.

Because headscarves are cool.


The best presents, ever! and pensive thinking at Bells Beach.

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