Sunday, 17 April 2011

Ten from the west

Picking your favourite pictures is never easy, especially when they're your own work.  At first it isn't so bad, taking out the blurry, the boring,  and the just plain dreadful.  However, later on you're left with photos that are very similar and it can be a real task rejecting decent photos. Sometimes its difficult to see the wood from the trees but I hope this top ten does my two weeks in Western Australia justice.

The photos were taken six months ago at the start of my travel in Oz, and  as I am currently travelling, none of these photos have been enhanced or cropped using digital software.

Pelican in flight at Monkey Mia, WA.

The Pier.
Sunrise at Monkey Mia.
The long road a head, Rottnest Island, WA.
There were better photos I could have chosen instead. However, this picture represents the first time I saw whales.  Amazing mammals.
A national park I will one day remember the name of.
Not a building in sight.
The elements make the rules here.
Take one clever land owner, a dispute in Australian taxes, a loop hole in the law, a declaration of war and what do you get? The Hutt River Province.
bad ass

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Jill said...

Lovely photos.

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