Sunday, 17 April 2011

Melbourne fair city

I couldn't even get down to ten this time, instead I decided on thirteen pictures taken on the streets of Melbourne.  For over five months this city was my home and it served me well.  Here I switched my tea bags for freshly ground coffee and indulged in my sushi addiction.  Down the back streets you'd find the lane ways; and its here that you'll find most of Melbourne's quirky character.  To some, this place is too laid back and 'boring' for their tastes, but as I cannot comment yet on how it measures up to Sydney, I can certainly say the pace of life here did me good.

Night time on the south bank

crossing the Yarra river at night.

Interesting lamps found at Victoria Market
Welcome to Chinatown
Florist on Swanton street

The State Library.  Free Internet = lots of trips for me

Stone head in park.

The Yarra river during the day.

Never felt the need to ride them, and didn't understand why anyone would pay to get carted around. Looked pretty though.

Carlton Gardens.

The break dancer

Best advert. Ever.

Skateboarder outside the library.


Simoana said...

I looooove Melbourne! I went there first time last year in August, it was just marvellous!!!! Your photos are awesome, and inspire me to visit a few places there I ahven't been before!! And how AWESOME is the library!??! When I went there they had an exhibition on the history of the book/written word all around the gallery on the second last storey, it was amazing!

Caffiene junkie said...

That library was my second home! I LOVED - That's right Loved the free exhibitions they had. Got to learn all about Ned Kelly in the space of an hour.

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