Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Meeting our little princess....

If there was one thing I wanted  from our wicked camper, it was not to have the word 'pussy' on the side. But the universe had other ideas. After checking out of Gilligan's hostel, I found the sentence 'Save a bird, eat a pussy' written on the side of our new home. To anyone who hasn't seen a wicked camper before, each vehicle is has its own individual graffiti  art on the side. One thing was for sure, We'd be getting a lot of attention on this road trip, which started about 10 seconds after we left the depot ("Hey girls! I want to see what I'll be eating" - lovely).

After loading up, signing bits of paper and paying the people of wicked, we decided to take our 'little princess' (the name of the camper on all the official documents) up north from Cairns for a night to test the waters. Our van was no longer a spring chicken and we thought it best to try her out before we were too far from the depot. This turned out to be a good idea - our boot wouldn't lock and our gas stove was buggered.

As I'd been driving land cruisers about for the last few months, it was pretty easy driving the old girl.  Power steering? pfff! who needs that - work those muscles! All of us were in good spirits, finally doing the road trip we'd talked about for months.

We almost went to Cape tribulation but then realised we needed a ferry. You can tell planning and research weren't high on our agenda, a mixture of laziness and just not being that bothered. I mean, we had a camper to play with, who needs rain forest? In the end we settled on Port Douglas, a sea side town famous for its four mile beach, which looked stunning, even on an over caste day. I could tell PD was a good place, but I was glad we were hanging around for only a few hours; except for looking a boats in the harbor, complimenting the beach on its serenity and peering in shops I couldn't afford, I wasn't sure what to do with myself.i

We then camped along the coast-line road for the night, settling into our nomadic life as the waves sang us to sleep. Whether it was the sound of the ocean, the heavy night before  (note to all: Gilligan's is a party hostel and should be treated as such) or just knackered from the diving, I slept like a baby.

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