Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A snapshot of...Nepal

After India, I crossed over the border to Nepal with a fantastic travel companion.  Nepal, except for the scariest bus ride of my life, was fun and extremely traveller friendly. Over the next few weeks I bungee jumped, attended a local wedding, sampled Katmandu's night life and visited numerous temples.  One day I will return to conquer Everest but I was pretty happy with my Nepali adventure.  Even if monsoon season was looming.

Monkey Temple

Traditional Nepali dancers for the wedding.
Guests at a wedding try to take a look at the groom arriving.
The Bride.
Lumbini: Birth place of Budha
 Pokhara. For a few brief moments on our first day we saw the mountains looming, before the clouds disended. I still loved this lake. One of my favourite times was rowing out on this with two friends.

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Alexandra said...

Such great pictures! Travelling is the best thing in the world. I would go to every place in the world if I could.
Love your blog!

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