Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The way to Cairns

Sometimes public transport really isn't pretty. No matter if its a bus ride, flight or train journey, at least one hygiene rule is broken by a fellow passenger. From Katherine to Cairns a greyhound, two shuttle buses and a flight made up my journey.  It was the greyhound from Katherine to Darwin that won the grossest moment.  Everything was going pretty well; a spare seat beside me, no screaming children hitting my head rest, a usable toilet, no 'characters' mumbling to themselves whilst wearing a bucket for a hat. So far, so good.
It was only when my attention was drawn to the family in front of me (a mother and two children) that things got weird.  At first I thought the older child was stroking the younger ones head as a sign of affection, but then the mother joined in and it finally dawned on my what was happening. I was watching a delousing session on a greyhound bus. Looking closer I could see the eggs to both of the children's hair and my head began to itch.  Suffice to say I kept my head well away for the remainder of the journey.

From them on things were on the up.  I stayed one night in the poshest dormitory at the Darwin Airport Inn, which I had all to myself.  Fluffy towels, T.V, power shower, the works.  Sure it was more expensive than I am used to at $69 a night, but it was worth knowing the airport was a short walk away. Then I was up at stupid o'clock for my flight.  Granted, there was some delays on departing, but that did mean there was daylight all the way to Queensland. Watching the landscape change from barren yellow to lush rain forest was just amazing.

This was the view that greeted me as we touched down into Cairns....

It made me hum the Jurassic park theme all the way down.  And something told me that Cairns was somewhere I wanted to spend a little time.

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Jill said...

oh, my goodness. that's just sick. i'm glad you emerged lice-free!

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