Monday, 30 January 2012

Happy Birthday Australia!!!!

Working on the Southern Swan has its perks, and being aboard for Australia day was definitely one of them.  Sure the weather couldn't make its mind up (raining, sunny, chucking it down then clearing) but what a day. In the first sail every boat and it mum was in the harbour, all dressed up to commemorate the birth of a nation.  And then there was the Tall ship race, in which the Swan fought against its sister ship the Soren Larsen, 17th century replica the Duyfken, and replica training vessel the Young Endeavour (who ended up winning!).

Then for the evening cruise, the ship took part in a parade in cockle bay in Darling Harbour, it was pretty bizarre seeing myself on the big screen, knowing that my image was being broadcast across the country (I grinned and waved like an idiot). And then we watched the fire works, which were, as always, amazing.

And for both sails it was great to have a two member band playing,  the singers voice - wow.
So thank you Australia, for another great experience.

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Jamie Pilgrim said...

Awww! How cool! You sure got yourself a pretty amazing job, I may be just a little, okay a lot, jealous!

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