Sunday, 8 January 2012

New Years in Sydney

 Welcome to 2012 everybody! And I have to say 2011's new years eve was definitely the most exciting one I've ever had.  In the past new years has always been a bit of a let down; its expensive, you drink too much too soon, everybody is so desperate for it to be great that it just doesn't cut it.  its only been when the expectations have been taken away that you begin to have fun.  Previously, the best new years had been playing boards with my family back in Kent.

It may not have been my first new years in Oz, but it was in Sydney, crowned the new years eve capital of the world.  Sure I would be working, but I'd be on a tall ship, front row in the harbour over looking the bridge as the fireworks went off.   There was a lot of prep for the occasion, putting up the spectacular light ropes on not only the southern swan, but also two others vessels in the company's fleet.

Over two days we worked to get the ship ready for its big night and then at 6:30pm, headed to Campbell's cove to pick up the passengers for a 7:15 departure. There were so many people crammed onto the wharf I did not envy anyone there!

So for 5 hours the ship stayed in the harbour, I cooked food, the ship went in a parade with the heritage fleet, at nine a pre-fireworks display got under way and the the rope lights went on all ships.

                                                                          The southern swan's sister ship - the Soren Larsen.

                                                   The swan's light rope 'sails'

As I was working in the galley, all my work was done but 11 (although I still ended up on the bar)  which meant at 12am 1st Jan 2012, I was on the mast (sorry no pictures of this, for the first 5 minutes  i was awe struck) as the fireworks began, - wow. Sure, I've seen fireworks before, but nothing to such scale.  10 solid minutes of jammed packed explosion.

After all the passengers were safely back on land, it was time to have a first drink for some, but not me.  Because instead of going out and partying with the rest of Sydney, my stomach decided it didn't like me anymore and I'd have to be bed bound. But even with the sickness, Sydney, you gave me the best new years, ever.

Guys, I hope your was a good one. Happy new year. x

* The initial photo is the  James Craig, also in the heritage fleet.

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