Friday, 28 December 2012

In December...

A little early but as my head is now filled with January, I think its time for a round up.

Naturally this month was a festive frenzy, enjoying some quality time with my family. It was also a time for seeing some monumental times with my Friends.

Spent Most Time; Working the 9 to 5, hanging out in the Kent countryside, visiting Brighton and finding presents for all the family (which is a lot harder than I remember).

Mostly Watching; My old school chum Andreia marry her fiancĂ©e Aaron.  A beautiful ceremony, with a stunning dress, the best weather you could hope for and a rocking retro London Bus to transport the guests! Congratulations guys. x

Besides that Christmas wouldn't be complete without a Muppet's Christmas carol and a Doctor who special.

Listening;  I mentioned in last month's update that I've been a little obsessed with Lana Del Ray. This has carried on into December, as I'm now in possession of her album 'Born to Die' - Thank you Santa.

Reading; Half way through When we were Orphans by Kazuo Ishiguro.  So far its been an intriguing tale of memory and loss. We'll see how it turns out.

Activities:  Shopping, boxing day walk, drinking, eating, wrapping and opening presents.

Eating;  Christmas food! Which means all the goodies you can think of. Roast beef, turkey, bacon, veg, creamy potatoes, roast potatoes, cheeses, chocolates, pate, grapes, crisps, sausages and more. I think I might be putting on some 'holiday weight' this Christmas...

Drinking: Baileys. The classic Christmas day drink.

Wearing: Russian styles hats. The Soviets are back!

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