Thursday, 7 March 2013

Sydney Days

I wish I could tell you that my lack of blogging in Sydney was due to a hectic schedule wining and dining my way through the city.  But my lack of health, funds and a partner in crime have meant I spent a lot of time sleeping, drinking too much coffee and organising our departure.  When I  finally felt better, the weather just got worse. Yet being back with my other half has been amazing, and definitely worth rain and sniffles.
 In between the coffees and sneezing I did manage to have a little fun out and about. This included;

  • Watching Django Unchained at Broadway cinema. Haven't been to the cinema in ages and so worth it.
  • Getting sunburn at Coogee beach. A few months under an English sun (or lack of) and I burn like a baby. Before you ask, yes I was wearing sunscreen.

  • Sighting HMS Endeavour at the Australian maritime museum. Looks like so much fun to sail.
  • Visiting the Australian gallery of contemporary art. Opening after renovations, this to my mind was better than my recent visit to the Tate modern.

  • Enjoying a few glasses of Cider in the rocks.
  • Chewing the fat with old friends.
  • Browsing bookshops in Balmain.

There are a lot of touristy things I could have done in Sydney, but as a second time around, my priorities were a little different.  I wanted to spend the evenings with a tired sailor and my days thinking of Queenstown.


Alli Campbell said...

If it makes you feel better, I've been sunburnt here wearing sunscreen AND clothes before. It's a devil monster ps If you make it down to Melbourne, let me know!

Dusty Soles said...

I just got angry with myself for being yet another sun burnt pom wandering the streets of Sydney. Unfortunately the next port of call has been New Zealand, but if I am ever in Melbourne, I will definitely give you a bell!

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