Monday, 18 March 2013

New to Queenstown

For our first week in Queenstown, the weather was beautiful. Clear blue skies meant the mountains were in full view, which dominate the landscape.  We walked around the town and ate our first Furburger, which turns out to be the best burgers. in the world. ever.  The establishment always has long queues but trust me, its worth the wait.
In addition, one of my best friends from home and also one third of my road trip gang when going down the East Coast of Australia, was in town.  Therefore our first night was spent having drinks at the world bar with a familiar face.

This is definitely a tourist town living up to its title as 'extreme sports capital of the world.' So many people walking along the water front and yet there is no shoving or fasts walking, everyone is on holiday!  However, before me and Zim can even think of signing up for a bungy or para-glide, or do any other fun stuff, we both had to look for work.  This is an expensive place and if we wanted to make it in Queenstown for longer than a few months, we had to start straight away.

Luckily by the fifth day we both had jobs; Zim in Construction and me making Sandwiches.  Last week was pretty intense, I worked 50 hours in four days, but it all helps in getting towards our goal - our very own apartment.  At the moment we are staying in a hostel, which is very lovely (free internet, large kitchen, great views) but I grave for privacyand somewhere to call 'home.'

Since being in Queenstown, I've taken very few pictures, but what I have taken is mostly of mountains and water and very little else. Its just hypnotizing and looks different everyday.  I really need to make an effort in taking pictures of myself and Zim, otherwise no one will believe we were here!

As far as first weeks go, this ones been pretty productive.  We're still adjusting to New Zealand (and the Kiwi accent!) but hopefully this town will treat us well.  


Amy said...

Queenstown looks amazing - I can't wait to visit. It sounds a lot easier than I thought to get a job too, how much does it cost to rent an apartment?

Dusty Soles said...

In the middle of getting a home - will let you know as soon as its all finalised. Finding a job is o.k, as long as you don't mind working in service/tourist roles. It's also just heading into the quiet lull before the snow in June - then it all kicks off again!

Aryn Hill said...

Looks beautiful! Where did you hear about Furburgers? Is that a well-known place?

Dusty Soles said...

Very well known! can't miss it (or the queue). x

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