Sunday, 7 April 2013

Hello Autumn My Old Friend

That's right people, while all you in the northern hemisphere get ready for long summer days, leaping lambs and daffodils, in Queenstown its time for autumn.  The clocks have gone back, the leaves have begun to fall and its getting a lot colder. But its beautiful, we've even seen our first sprinkle of snow on the mountains.

 In the last few weeks, setting up a life in New Zealand has been a little hectic.  I'd love to say that my lack of blogging is because I was too busy bungy jumping off LOTR* locations and eating and drinking myself stupid. But unfortunately no.  Its included working, finding a home, moving into the said home, working out (or attempting to) a budget and trying to understand what we want to spend our money on.  But most importantly my new home did not have internet until a few days ago and now I'm back, expect much more on our life in Queenstown.

Warning: over the next few weeks, this blog will be dealing with budget options in Queenstown. Read into this as WE HAVE NO FRICKING  MONEY - WATCH ME AS I CRY INTO MY PASTA!!!  With the ski season coming up, we want to have enough money to participate.  A ski pass and winter sports gear don't come cheap. However, I'm determined that this is my year to learn how to snowboard! Yes, that's right. Accident prone me is going to start one of the world's most injury friendly sports. I'm not crazy ok, my mother had me tested**...

*LOTR stands for Lord of the rings***
** Line stolen from the big bang theory
*** first footnote for is aimed at my mum. Lord of the rings? you know, the films with the hobbits. remember, the little people with hairy feet. Ian Mckellen in a big hat? oh nevermind...

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