Wednesday, 24 April 2013


First item to tick off my Queenstown Bucket list. For fifteen minutes I got to glide on the wind, but we had to try a few times before we could take the run and jump.

On our first attempt the weather changed once we were at the take-off area. And so, once dropped off in town me and my beloved friend Louise took comfort in food and wine. This led to us ranting about our current hot topic 'WHAT THE F#@K AM DOING WITH MY LIFE' and hoped that the following Sunday would be different.

It wasn't. In fact we didn't even get as far as the mountain this time, just a phone conversation.  However, on the Monday (to our surprise) we got the go ahead. Stealing Lou away from work for an hour (she pretty much has the coolest employers ever) and dragging Zim along as a ground photographer, we went to the pick up point.  With my weight stamped on my hand and my seat belt firmly strapped in, I quickly found myself connected to a parachute and being told to run off a mountain.  These final words got me a little nervous
"whatever you do don't stop running." My thoughts went into overdrive. But what if I just freeze? What if its like with a bungee jump, where your whole body tells you "no this is wrong. You might want to die brain but the feet do not?!"
I was also first, which I'm not sure is always a good thing.

But running off was surprisingly easy. Within a few strides we were in the air, being carried along.  And you know what? I bloody loved it! surrounded by mountains, sighting hawks and the final spin at the end (which felt like a roller coaster) was amazing.  On the ground I could then enjoy watching Lou in the air and her descent.

Zim has already said he wants to do a Paraglide in the winter, when you can do it from the very top of coronet peak. After my first experience, I think I might have to join him!

We did our Paraglide through Skytrek, whos fee included  photos and a 30 second video, transfer from town to the mountain and friendly instructors who didn't get us killed.


Jill said...

That last phrase is golden. "...friendly instructions who didn't get us killed."

Glad you had such a great time. I felt weak in the knees just reading about you running off a cliff. Paragliding may not be in my future. ;)

Dusty Soles said...

It was a lot quicker getting in the air than expected. Plus it wasn't a sudden drop to the cliff, but gradual. More 'if I stop running I'll break a leg' rather than sudden death.

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