Monday, 29 April 2013

Arrowtown in Fall

My SLR (A.K.A my baby) didn't make it to my second visit to Arrowtown. It was just me, my friend Lou and my trusty little Canon IXUS 95 IS.  Sometimes I'm just not in the mood to carry a chunky camera around with me. My little camera might be looking a little worse for wear these days, but until I can afford a new one, she'll make do.

With Autumn almost over, I'm glad we took the bus out to this little town. The vibrant colours of the trees were just amazing.  We spent a lot of our time walking along the stream and debating what else we should do before Lou heads back to England in two weeks.   Except for our coffees at the Arrowtown bakery and cafe and Provisions, we spent very little time in the main street. It was all about staring at trees.  This little country town is making me want a car so badly.  I would love to visit more places like this without the fuss of public transport.

With my second item ticked off my Queenstown Bucket list, we hopped back on a bus and back to Queenstown.

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