Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My new board

With the sound of rain serenading me this morning and snow reports from coronet peak indicating bad visibility (buts lots of snow coming down), I decided that a snowboarding session wasn't going to happen. I just wasn't up to tackling the elements today.  

But the day wouldn't be a loss. I put on my coat and walked to 'Small Planet,' a skiing and boarding shop that sells some 2nd hand gear.  Hiring out a board and binders would be too expensive over the next four months and therefore, the smartest option was to buy my first board.  It just needed to be the right height, have binders the right size and be in an 'alrightish' condition. I came out of the shop five minutes later with a 144cm board (at 5"3 I am very small) and pink detailed binders.  With its lime green center at least I'll be noticeable on the snow.  The  sales assistant said all I need to do is get some wax on it and he'll be good to go. All for a grande total of $200!

It may not be the most stylish board and at the moment I have no clue what makes a good one, but he's all mine. I will call him Travis.

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