Sunday, 9 June 2013

Three months in Queenstown

Has is really been that long? It feels only yesterday we were getting off the plane, desperately searching for jobs and a place to sleep at night.  I remember feeling utterly in awe as the bus look us into town.  Mountains everywhere!!!!!
  In the first week we got jobs, in the third we found a house and slowly we begun to relax and enjoy our surroundings. After the clocks went back, the days got shorter, colder and autumn took shape. The leaves turned colour until finally, the trees were bare.

In the times we've been here, the building housing The World Bar and Bat Badgers Pizzas burnt down, a British tourist stole a quilt, it snowed a lot and then rained - a lot.

I did my first Para glide (which is totally amazing and I'd recommend to everyone and their grandmother), one of my closest friends left for England, I got to visit Arrowtown twice, watched Hangover 3 and the new star trek and to top it all off,  played mini golf. When the weather permitted we went for walks but probably not as often as we should. In short, domestic life took over.

  We really got into spending nights in our new home. Zim bought a cheese grater. I bought fluffy bath towels. My nights were mostly spent having delicious meals made for me.  I became addicted to instant lattes.   With a strong desire to do some snow sports this winter, I was obsessed with saving whilst I could. It has not been a life of fast living, drinking and women/men (whatever your preference).  Its been a time to get used to each others strange little habits and just be. I have a feeling its going to be the quietest three months we'll have for a while.

 And then a couple of weeks ago I got the news I'd be working on a ski field. Horay!!!! After a week of training as a Custodian, the slopes opened for business on Saturday. It was a crazy and exciting day with more than two thousand visitors passing through.  With this my new role, we'll definitely be planning to stay put over the season.

If I try and sum up how I feel about Queenstown, I find it hard to say the correct words. I feel I'm still getting to know this beautiful town and have only experienced a small amount that it has to offer.  So lets bring on the next four months and see what she can do!!!!


Jill said...

Oh my goodness! Time really is flying. Seems like just yesterday you got down there.

Dusty Soles said...

I know! Time has just flown by.x

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