Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Winterfest Fireworks

Queenstown's Winter Festival, a week long celebration kick starting the season, began with a bang.  Or the the plural 'bangs' is probably a better description.  On a Friday night the town was packed with families, locals and travellers a like, all there to eat, drink, watch live acts and above all, see some fireworks out on the water.  I made a lot of 'oooows' and 'arrrhhhhhs.'

There were also some kick-ass fire dancers in town to boot!

After hunting down a hot dog and soaking up the atmosphere (Read here; got a little impatient in the crowds - I didn't know NZ had them!) I ended the night in one of my Bars/Restaurants on town drinking hot sake.

I think the festival has been made a little extra special due to the recent fall of snow...

As one of my items on my Queenstown bucket list, attending the festival's opening was not a disappointment and I'm thrilled I got to see it.   Although due to work and on my days off, STILL attempting to learn to snow board, I may not see much else.  However, its great to see this town come alive at the darkest time of year.

Happy Winterfest everybody!!!!!!!!!


Jill said...

Wow! Looks like a great event. I love the first photo with the little kid's pom pom hat and the fireworks in the sky.

Jamie Pilgrim said...

How neat! It definitely looks like an event I wouldn't mind putting up with crowds for!

Dusty Soles said...

When I look at everyone's photos in the northern hemisphere, what with summer nights and bbqs, it's events like this that make winter worth it! :)

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