Friday, 19 July 2013

First time on a lift

Have finally done it. I've out grown the beginner's carpets and flown the nest.  All the way to the beginners slope.  The first hurdle was the lift; I'd never been on one and had no idea what to do. Enter my friend Bo, who very kindly held my girly hand and got me to the top. As we moved above the slopes and higher up the mountain all I could think was 'will my board fall off???' The fact that only one foot is strapped in and gravity is pulling the board down, I was paranoid it would break off, fall to the slope below and take out half a dozen skiers.

A fellow boarder enjoying the view.

And then getting off the bloody thing! That could have been a disaster. Thankfully I scooted off and at least left falling over when I was out of the chair's way.

Fell a view times on my way down but not as bad as I had imagined.

My introduction to the slopes had begun, but had to go on hold for a while. Because a few days later some very special people came to town. A.K.A my sister, my brother in law and a wee man I call my nephew.  Pictures from an amazing weekend to follow soon.

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