Monday, 8 July 2013

Turning left

I did it!!!! On my day off me and a friend went to Remarkables Ski area. With the help of a very generous individual, who gave up a few hours of their time, I learnt to turn left.  The Zoolander of snowboarding is dead.  Long live a season of  actually snowboarding.

Now... as the above picture demonstrates (don't you just love my pink pants) , what with the snow attached to my behind, falling over is still playing a large part of my learning.  But something has clicked in my brain and all that talk of heels, toes and upper-body turning has begun to make sense. I've begun to enjoy this icy sport.

Thank you to all those involved in this day - it was AMAZING!!!!


Rika said...

Haha - so weird to read about snowboarding in July! Good on ya for keeping'll be shredding pow before you know it ;)

Dusty Soles said...

I know its so strange to think that its summer up in the northern hemisphere!!! Thanks Rika :) I'm getting there, slowly but surely,

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