Monday, 8 October 2012

A short story of fiji

I think this is the shortage post on a country. After sailing from Tonga, we sailed for five days  to Fiji.  It was a voyage of change, what with the conversion from galley to deck work.  Our first port of call was a small fishing town to clear customs and then on to a picturesque island.  Here we celebrated our captain's birthday in style: a string band, rum and karva on the ship's deck.  after more sailing  we reached our our final destination, Latouka, or 'little india' as we came to call it.

In all honesty, what I saw of Fiji didn't impress me.  the few snorkelling spots we went to were damaged and latouka, where we spent our layover, was not the prettiest town.  Also, it wasn't fair on Fiji to come straight from the Vavau group in Tonga, as it was a hard act to follow.

Yet with new voyage crew aboard and our stores loaded, it was time to sail onto our next island nation. The place I was most excited about visiting. Vanuatu here we come....

Picture taken in the coral gardens, Tonga, where we sailed from. it was just prettier.

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