Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Sighting old friends in Vila

And so we reached Vanuatu, the Soren's home for nearly two months.  After a few days sail from Latouka, Fiji  we made it to Port villa   The capital had a least one cruise ship in a day, and I was pleased to see the Pacific Pearl.  It took me back to my days living aboard the Southern swan in Sydney, living in Campbell's cove in the rocks.  Each morning I would wake to see which cruise ship was docked at the international terminal.

My first impression of Vila was good,  easy to access facilities and yet not too many people (except when the people came off the cruise ships for a couple of hours).  The namberwan cafe (really spelt like that) was a great place to get WiFi and enjoy a coffee or beer.

However after clearing customs and immigration, we began our Vanuatan  adventure into some of the most secluded communities in the world.

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