Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Chasing turtles

The Soren Larsen was fortunate enough to anchor in Lamen Bay twice during our time in Vanuatu - once during the Fiji to Vanuatu voyage and then again during 'Vanuatu Discovery.' To look at Lamen Bay was not very special, but it was its visitors that made it.  Due to the sea grass growing quite close to shore, turtles and the occasional Du Jong come to graze.

On our first visit to Epi island, I was determined to see at least one turtle and grabbed my snorkel as soon as there was a chance to leave the ship.  I wasn't left disappointed. Not only did we stalk a large turtle (pictured above) I also sighted a ray of some sort.

On our second visit the wildlife was even better.  Not only did I go snorkelling and see a grand total of five turtles munching on sea grass (no photos this time), two whales came into the bay, right next to our ship so that the female could give birth to her calf.  They hung around for a long time and were still there when we brought up the anchor. Again no pictures - I was too busy going ooow and ahhhh and then attempting to distract people away from the whales and back to getting the main sail up. Here I learnt sailing will always lose against giant tailed mammals.

* Again thank you Mr Biddlecombe for the photo.

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