Thursday, 1 November 2012

Twin Waterfall

On Vanua Lava Island, which we past heading to the Banks islands, we stopped off at a place called 'twin waterfalls.' Like the title gives away, this village lies next to two brother waterfalls that jetted out at such a power, this is as closest a picture that I dared. I feared of the water spray would reach my  on my camera (AKA - my baby) or I'd slip into the water pool. But fear not readers, soon I will track down the pictures of someone who wasn't a big scaredi cat.  

With the waterfalls filling a large pool good for swimming (and deep enough to jump from the rocks), some of the locals tried to teach us water dancing. In this women use the water like a musical instrument. My attempts to master this art form were rather clumsy, but by the end I kind of had it figured...sort of.

Whilst ashore we were also given another distinctive dance and singing (I'm seeing a trend here), complete with costumes and flowers. However, rather than being same same but different (don't get me started on string bands), the singing was absolutely beautiful and unique to what I'd heard before.

Yet it wasn't the waterfalls or the dancing that really struck me about this place. There was two things I really remember.

1. The image of a very small child taking a pet parrot around with him on a stick.  Cute at first sight before realising the parrots wings were badly mutilated and therefore could not fly. I like to think this wasn't done by humans and the child had rescued his new found friend from an accident.

2. One boy using his out rigger - pictured below - to catch the waves and surf them. Legend.

Twin Waterfalls - Another great location brought to you by Vanuatu and The Soren Larsen.


Melissa said...

These photos are wonderful. And that waterfall, so beautiful!!

<3 Melissa

Dusty Soles said...

Thanks Melissa. Vanuatu not only ended up being one of my favourite destinations on the voyage, but an all time favourite!

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