Friday, 30 November 2012

Getting to the church on time

Ladies and Gent's, I made it. But more importantly, so did these two.  The day after landing into Heathrow, I watched my big sister get a new surname.

It maybe that I'm bias, but what the heck: THIS WAS THE BEST WEDDING. EVER!!!!!

Let me set the scene.

A thousand year old church where the Bride was baptist in as a baby.
Pews jammed packed with friends and family. Musicians at the front to help give some 'oomph' to the hymns.
A best man doubling as a vicar to marry them.
Bridesmaids waiting outside, realising that sure, our dresses looked good but did not keep the chilly British weather at bay.

Then a Bentley pulled up and a beautiful dress (attached to a beautiful bride) appeared. Walking down the aisle, I was put in charge of her trail, which is a lot harder than it sounds!!

At the reception we ate and danced in celebration. It was also at this point that I saw my sister dance with the flower girl, and for some reason this image made me a little emotional.  Probably because this had been  her day and it was amazing.

Congratulations Mark and Caz - two great people who deserve great happiness.

* Picture taken by my father. Other photos to follow soon...

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