Friday, 30 November 2012

In November...

Back to the UK. Back to home comforts and all the things that make settling somewhere great.

Spent Most Time... In the Kent country-side sifting through online job adverts, attempting to revamp this blog space and enjoying the perks of modern life that you just don't get on a ship. i.e. internet, food/hot drink when you want/ personal space etc.  Half way through the month found work and have been working like a mother trucker.

Mostly Watching; Spaced, one of my favourite comedy programmes of all time. So far avoided day time television (its a slippery slop). but if I do indulge I'm pertial to a bit of 'the big bang theory.

Listening; To the song 'one day' by Asaf Aviadan over and over again.  Lana Del Ray has also become a mini obsession. I've replayed 'ride' more than once.

Reading; "Down and out in Paris and London" - not the best choice for someone looking for work!

Activities:  Meeting old friends for catch-ups in Cafes, taking walks in the countryside.

Eating; Cheese and crackers - with France just over the pond, it would be rude not to.

Drinking: Mulled Cider - its a taste of the future I'm telling you.

Wearing: A Green Parka.

* Picture of Lana Del Ray via Pinterest

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