Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Small nambis get their groove on

Yes that is a leaf wrapped around his 'nambis.'  The villagers of Banham bay belong to the 'small nambis' affiliation rather than the 'big nambis' group - who live in land. Many of you who know that nambis means penis might be giggling a little, but  I want to clarify one thing (which needed to in turn be told to me whilst I was sniggering like a little girl); the size of each tribes nambis refers to the decoration size on the genitalia, not the er, package.

In their custom dress the people of Banham Bay were good enough to demonstrate their dancing.  Screened from the main village (women - as in local women - are not permitted to watch) the men's dancing and singing was amazing, full of life and all performers put in their all.

When we watched the women's singing and dancing, I was struck by their dress a lot more.  After the missionaries converted the Vanuatan's, women began to cover up, which is standard practise today. However,when it comes to their customs, the old ways take over. And the old ways, rock the house.

Thank you again Banham Bay for welcoming us into your home.

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