Thursday, 12 September 2013

A job in the wilderness

With the seasons changing and our time in Queenstown coming to a close, I'm looking forward to our next adventure.  A couple of days ago, me and the man were offered jobs working in one of New Zealand's most remote and beautiful locations.  

For the summer season it looks like we'll be working as lodge attendants on the Milford Track. Only accessible via land on a 53.5 km walking track, it will mean weeks of living in the wilderness.  Back to a life of , generator power, rationed chocolate, thinking time and no internet or tv. This will have its challenges but also be an experience of a life time. It may also lead to me becoming a certified nerd and getting into bird watching. I am genuinely excited about this. That's the kind of person I've grown up to be. I've also been wanting some time away from it all, where I can work, save some money, focus on some hobbies and start thinking about my next move.  And dare I say it, I actually want to get some writing done.  Some dreadful 'creative writing;' that thing I've been blocking out since finishing uni. Perhaps I'll inflict it on the world again.

Working in the Australian outback and sailing on the Soren Larsen, I have an idea of how such isolating spots can affect you, but still I want to do it all again. 

 It will mean we'll only have a few weeks between leaving our apartment in Queenstown and then starting our training, so a  mega road trip will have to wait a while. However, two weeks will be enough to fit a few things in and have a proper 'holiday.' I feel all we've done since getting to New Zealand is work (except for out recent trip to Dunedin) and so a break would do us good.

Still, with a few weeks left on the ski fields and a couple more weeks after that in Queenstown.  I'll keep you posted on developments. x

* Picture via Pinterest here.

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