Wednesday, 11 September 2013

A trip to Dunedin

After 6 months in New Zealand, we finally spent a night out of Queenstown. After getting word that some friends would be in Dunedin, we booked two days off work, got a room in the city and bought bus tickets.
The adventure started with a morning panic to get ready but as soon as we sat down on the coach, everything was smooth sailing. In our four and a half hour journey, I was blown away by the countryside. From the orchards and the little farm houses, to the never ending fields of sheep, every thing  was so god damn cute. I've never seen grass so lush and vivacious in colour.
When we got to our destination, we were given the best time.  I put this down to three factors.

1. Friends.  Meeting up with great people wherever you are is always good. Unless its some where war torn, or sStoke-on-Trent. Catching up and then receiving some excellent kiwi hospitality was the icing on the cake. I especially appreciated the bacon and eggs cooked for us.

2. Our hotel. After searching  for a bargain deal, I was expecting Southern Cross to be a let down. It ended up exceeding them. For someone used to 5 star hotels this place wouldn't get them excited, but to me it was pure luxury. A proper bath, free hot beverages, flat screen TV and a bed so comfy I didn't want to leave.  And did I mention the bath robes. They had proper ones so you know this place was classy. 

3. The weather. I'm pretty sure Dunedin is not always so sunny. But for our two days in town the sun kept on shining. It made drinks in the sunshine all the more appealing.

We didn't spend our time rushing around Dunedin trying to see as much as possible. There was no hurry. We looked up at the fantastic architecture, visited the Chinese gardens and the settlers museum, which being a history geek I love that shit.  We were having such a great time, I hardly got my camera out.

When we took our bus back to Queenstown, I tried taking some blurry bus pictures of the countryside, but it just can't show how beautiful it is. Come visit and you'll see.

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