Friday, 16 December 2011


Now as mentioned in my last post,  we were no longer in possession of our van.  'little princess' was dead and after two days of waiting around in Noosa, a tow truck turned up to take her to Brisbane. However, when it arrived the back wasn't vacant.  strapped to her back was our new vehicle, and this one was definitely an upgrade! First of all we no longer had the same attention as before. It turns out that men don't shout out rude comments to you so much when 'save a bird, eat a pussy' is no longer written on your van.  Second, it was a five-seater instead of a three, which meant we were squabbling over sitting in the back and stretching out. And thirdly, electric windows and a gi-norm us sun roof made life a lot more comfortable.

But we had our set backs. For one the handbrake was screwed and was a mission to get off, it was so bad we had to call the helpline to talk technique.  And then we had to deal with it being automatic.  Automatics freak me out. Now and then whilst driving, I'd reached for the gear stick and try to step on the clutch.  So driving to the Brisbane, affectionately called 'brissy-vegas' by some, was a learning curb.

In Brisbane we splashed out on a room, which was the size of a hobbits closet, and had a great few days in the city.
Day 1 - we got there, wandered around the city centre, then food, out to the centre. stayed in a bar and to my shame got drunk. like really, really drunk.  The kind of intoxication that's not funny or clever and means the next day is a write off.

Day 2 - trying to make my way through the day with the mother of all hangovers. This included a walk around Brisbane's art gallery and past the river.  In the evening we were out again at a decked out uber bar called cloud land.  Although a pretty late night it was also a sober one.

We then headed towards Surfers Paradise - which i felt was false advertising; the heavens opened and we didn't see one ray of sunshine.  So we had one night out on the town before heading to our next big stop, Byron Bay...

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